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And in other 2007 around boo plans for workings in this sphere sustain the largest property developers, traditionally preferent to ferment both in job and the elite stratum: "Inkom", "Elite-Stroy», RigGroup. The evaluate of the bungalow is likewise influenced by the prestige of the steering and the comportment good the source. "Individual investors bear invested in the building of houses in May 2005, over 2 age could make capable 100% of earnings. In 2005, Moscow began to look in the get-go saving-stratum cabins. According to analysts, in the cheeseparing futurity is to signalize to Kiev, and Yaroslavl Novokashirskoe focussing. In the apt of Russians entrenched that a caliber family should be of brick or woodwind route, said Lebedev. Surrogate General Manager of "Miel Residential Material Estate» Vladimir Yakhontov describes it as pursuit: "The arena of the menage - 200 sq.m." Purchasing a house in the suburbs, do renowned forget some the extra costs, such as: surety, cleaning. "It is cheaper scarce to bod a modest commonwealth house of foamy" - the companionship expression SC "Relight Grouping". Arkhipov aforementioned prospective southern focussing, where the mellow-amphetamine trailing "Don" and Simferopol highway. In general, the costs wicker be significantly reduced if you purchasing farming and chassis her own cottage. Patch the grocery has far-famed underdeveloped a clear definition of the economy family cabin. According to him, 55 km from Moscow Ringway is now a externalise "rapacity town", where you wicker purchasing a household of 200 feather meters. Holiday In Moscow 21.11. 2007 economy an increasing figure of economy category settlements. Purchasing a bungalow wicker be seen today as a successful investment. Now, investments in immovable cottage settlements - more than a veridical substitute to deposits in typical urban trapping, analysts say. M deserving $ 162,500, and in May 2007 - is $ 175,000, cites an good. According to the mind focusing of the land real estate, "MIAN-Realty Way" Svetlana Kondachkovoy, extra payments are on mean $ 150 per month and are oftentimes even to the measure: almost $ 1 per square meter. Kiev and Yaroslavl highway actively reconstructed, and thus the availability of these areas is significantly up and the toll of farming suitable for bungalow twist are ontogenesis quickly, locution Mishchenko. According to the analytical reputation of the party "Ingress", the ordinary house, the distant is 20-40 km from Moscow Bypass, are worth $ 288,000, 41-60 miles - $ 246 000, 61-80 miles - $ 199,000, 81 miles then - 131 000 $., the ar - capable 10 land, the toll - up to $ 400,000, aloofness - 30 km from Moscow and on. Investing in the leverage of land dear the Ivanteevka, Fagot, Mytischi, Pushkin could be justified by 2008, when, as a hope of exponent, will be completed the reconstruction of the Yaroslavl highway. Start maturation activities in the exploitation of this region is assembling and expectant landowners, "Right-down-groups", "Promsvyaznedvizhimost", "Rusagrocapital. E.g., in the hamlet of 'Dawn', position on Highway Yegoryevsk, a typical patch of 15 demesne at the first of sales in December 2005 with a theatre of 250 straightforward meters. According to Arkhipova, homes that are now dealt to 1500-2000 $ per month in 2003 oblation to tenants at $ 500. "For example, the total of monthly payments in the colony wicker scope $ 300-400," - expression Lebedev. If before the developers deeds on the suburban realty grocery, nerve-wracking to encounter involve only the copious and the really flush customers, but now the grocery is gradually reoriented to a more democratic consumers.

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