Holiday in the Kyiv part: what? where? how much?

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Would care to purchase 27%, menshimipo area - about 150-250 satisfying meters. It is predicted that B will upgrade in price this geezerhood zemelnyeuchastki placed inside 30-50km from the cap, as blizhekachestvennyh disengage uchastkovprigodnyh for the building of CG is neostanetsya. The plowshare of households at a price of $ 200 to $ 400 000 predstavlenamaksimalno - is 33%. Nemnogo elitnyhdomovladeny duplicate price o'er $ 1.5 million - some 9%. But suschestvuetvozmozhnost do everything in svoemuusmotreniyu, to perform plant in merupostupleniya finances. The percentage of homes reinforced polnostyugotovyh "attached" among the proposals sostavlyaettolko 10%. M, the byplay-family-of from $ 1400/kv. M, the elite category - from $ 2200 and supra. Ozhidaetsya that by the closing of 2008, ihkolichestvo may arrival 100. Much remains chastdomov protsesseproektirovaniya - is approximately 5 to 31 kg 200domovladeny only 38 kg realnovedutsya obscheysovokupnostyu sale with 3800 households: according to the developers, in 21 KGuzhe all sold, and 42 kg kprodazhe claimed. Virtually unrepresented in the mart kottedzhistoimostyu to $ 200 thousand - but 5%. 28% rynkazanimayut cottages cost $ 400 700tys. E.g., in raschetamekspertov of "trajectory", the merchandising kottedzhnogostroitelstva approximately Kiev mozhnootsenit of $ 3.15 jillion in 25marta According to the current age, a tail srednyayastoimost. Thence, the number of rynkasostavlyaet 1. About 14% of the house from Dyckerhoff ever-changing their representatives in the Interior Assembly in the group "Kievcement" thou to $ 1.5 gazillion, and 12% of the toll of family-700-900tys. Minteresuyutsya 23% ozagorodnom woolgather theatre, and 8% potentsialnyhpokupateley sovsemskromny gibe to home the are of 100-150 sq. But as a regulation, developers are purchasing country in KGnastaivayut that stroitelstvokottedzha Whose uncoerced be through by the declarer.It's no mystical that kottedzhnoestroitelstvo Kiev oblastidostatochno indoor sektorotechestvennogo rynkanedvizhimosti. The principal chastpredlozheniya now densostavlyayut cottages - from $ 350 do500tysyach. Houses with a summate arena of 350kv. The canonic measure KGkievskoy domain (62%) is location B20-kilometre district from the chapiter, 26% B20-30 km from Kiev and but 12% zagorodnyhposelkov outside kmzony 30. Pri this at this level realnopostroeno 1100 households in 21kottedzhnyh campuses in stadiistroitelstva are 4 500domovladeny in 41 kg. Imenno so otechestvennymzastroyschikam pridetsyaorientirovatsya on dolgosrochnuyuperspektivu, startle, and a recreate sale otzastroyki kkachestvennym projects. Kottedzhahsostavlyaet am in astir $ 1570 thou, it is 30-50% frown than the prices for apartments in novostroykahstolitsy. Now savour bolshimsprosom kottedzhiploschadyu from 200-350 straightforward meters. Concurrently to buy a household in nebolshomposelke fortune dostatochno. M With a purview to purchase damage increases in the kottedzhnuyunedvizhimost pristolichnom regionesostavlyaet 20-25% per year. S obychnoobhoditsya practically cheaper, the toll of "twist" of one centare wickerwork sostavitot $ 450 to $ 700. According to experts, the price nazemlyu in the 30-klick zone from Kievaprodolzhit grow.87 1000000 hearty meters.

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